10. Beauty’s Alluring Smile FF – KO/Hao Mei


Beauty’s Alluring Smile

I read Gu Man’s Just One Smile is Alluring (JOSA) a few years ago, thanks to the hard work of a wonderful translator who brought this great work to us non-Chinese speakers with his/her hard work. I then read the outtakes written on KO and MoZhaTa (aka Hao Mei) a little bit after, reading all of them with the help of another wonderful translator who translated all of the outtakes. I found myself surprisingly intrigued by their story even though I had never read BL (Boy Love) stories before.

When I heard that the story was being adapted into a drama I was super excited, especially after having enjoyed the adaptation of Gu Man’s My Sunshine. I completely loved JOSA’s adaptation, and was extremely satisfied with Xiao Nai/Wei Wei’s story because they got their happily ever after. I also really enjoyed Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s portrayal of those beloved characters, although I wish we’d gotten a bit more action on Zheng Shuang’s part during the kissing scenes. 😛

But, due to Chinese censors, we didn’t get KO and MoZhaTa’s happily ever after, although we got a lot more than I’m sure many fans had hoped for. I loved Zhang Bin Bin and Zheng Yecheng’s portrayals of KO and Hao Mei, respectively. They made these characters come alive even within their very limited screen time.  Even so, I still thirsted for their happily ever after on screen. I began re-reading their outtakes, reorganizing them in my mind so that the scenes made the most chronological/narrative sense. But I still wanted more of KO and MoZhaTa, and couldn’t help but wonder about their backgrounds and what drew KO to MoZhaTa in the first place.

And so, this fanfic was born. I am going to be building on the outtakes and drama, and add in additional chapters on KO’s origins, his interactions with MoZhaTa/Hao Mei in the game, and build on their love story.

In planning this story, I made an audacious request of the wonderful translators linked above, asking if I could use their translations in the fanfic. I did not get a response back from either site, so I’m going to assume the answer is no. Instead, when we get to those parts in the story, I will point you to the link where you can read the next part. As to those bits that I weaved into my fanfic, we’ll just have to work around it. I will not use any part of the translations, since I do not have permission, but I hope you will work with me on creating KO’s and MoZhaTa’s love story by following the links. 🙂

Please join me on this journey to KO and MoZhaTa/Hao Mei finding their happily ever after.

WARNING – this is a BL story. Please do not read if that is a hot issue for you.


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