My Only Angel – finished

Hana Kimi - 6

My Only Angel

I finished posting up my story, My Only Angel. For any first time readers, I hope you all enjoy the story and leave a comment. Otherwise, I can only say I really enjoyed writing this story up to a point. After a while, writing became more of an obligation, becoming all about the commitment of finishing what I’ve started then because I actually wanted to write, but I hope the story was worth reading regardless.

Disclaimer: I do not own the actors I used in these stories, nor the characters I based my other fanfics on. That’s why they’re fan fics and not simply labeled stories. But the contents of each of the stories are my original work and I would not want anyone taking them and posting them on other sites without my express written permission. Please respect that. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “My Only Angel – finished

  1. hi! I finished reading it today! I love the ending very much!!! I hope you’ll continue writing stories especially CHunElla ones!!! 😀

  2. I just started (and finished!) reading that today… it was a wonderful story, absolutely amazing. I loved the interaction between the characters, the dialogue, and especially how you could use humor along with the plot. 🙂

    You are an absolutely amazing writer. Your story was beautiful and I could not stop crying, from the sheer stupidity between Chun and Ella as well as the truly happy moments that made everything worth it. I have every intention of reading more of your work.

    Have you considered becoming a published writer? My Only Angel is a novel-sized story and is amazingly complete. Your grasp over character and plot are amazing, and something I envy you for. You really are very talented, do give it a try!

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