Dear Chun – Continued

Dear Chun

Dear Chun

I’ve posted up the 2nd chapter for “Dear Chun” under the “Short Stories” section. Click on the “Dear Chun” page to check out the next chapter. I don’t know if the lack of comments means that no one is reading the story or that no one liked it or that no one cared enough to comment. I hope that if there are readers, they will take the time to comment. Just let me know what you think

Either way, I know that I am writing this story because I need to write for myself. I find that I am enjoying writing a story where I know the ending and that it’ll be coming up soon. As with all short stories, there will be gaps that readers wonder about and that’s part of the charm of a short story. I hope you use your imagination to fill in any gaps that are left behind when I finish with the story.

I’ll be working on the 3rd chapter, and I hope that people who read the 2nd chapter will be gracious enough to leave comments.


2 thoughts on “Dear Chun – Continued

  1. hi! I read your story in winglin, and when I found out that you’re making another story. I checked this site for your story, “Dear Chun”, but I can’t find it. Is it already posted here?

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