Story Update

Hi everyone,

I thought I would give you an update on my stories.

For people who have been urging me to update my Chun/Ella fic, Dreamer, I will be updating that soon. I know that I got sidetracked by my Ken/Rainie short fic, but I’m done with that now. It looks like I will be taking my time with this one. When I start stories, I usually have an idea of exactly how I will end the story or at least know how I will get to a certain point or the climax of the story. But with this one, I started out without a plan, and when I do that, my stories tend to become too tangled. So, give me some time to work out the details.

For Vanness/Pace fans: I know there aren’t that many, but this was my second favorite couple on Meteor Garden. I intend to do a short fic on them soon, called “Fallen”. Their story will be a companion story to my Ken and Rainie fic, “Loving, Loving You.” So, if you remember the details, then you already have an idea of what the story will be about. Here’s a picture preview:

RunI got the original pics from a wonderful poster someone did on one of those fanfic poster-making websites, although I don’t have the details on that anymore. I’ve also added “Fallen” under the short fic section, and inserted the lyrics to the song of the same title, “Fallen” by Sarah McLachlan. It’s a wonderful song, and I think that it goes wonderfully with this story. Check it out on Youtube.

So, be patient and keep on letting me know what you guys think of the stories. Comments can only help. 🙂


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