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Beauty’s Alluring Smile, Chapter 3 Updated


Hey Everyone,

Here is Chapter 3 of Beauty’s Alluring Smile.  It might be titled Chapter 3, but this installment is further along in the story, and some things have happened in between.

A quick summary of what’s been going on: KO has already met Hao Mei at the school cafeteria, where Hao Mei is very impressed by KO’s cooking.

The two meet at the restaurant where KO is working part time. Hao Mei suggests that they exchange numbers. KO says, “I’m just a chef. I cook.” As he walks off, Hao Mei calls out, “I’m just a coder. I code.” When KO looks back at him, Hao Mei holds out the piece of paper for KO’s number.

Hao Mei brings his friends to the restaurant, singing KO’s praises. KO tells him that he only wants Hao Mei to come.

Seeing how tired Hao Mei is with his work, KO steps into the company to make his life easier. But the deal was that KO would work from home and work without pay.

I always believed that this meant KO would be working during the nights at his assigned station at the company, since he needed money to survive, and he would earn that primarily during the day. The question that bothered me then was when did he begin working during the day? What changed?

This installment is about how that happened. Enjoy


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