Beauty's Alluring Smile, KO/Hao Mei

Beauty’s Alluring Smile, Chapter 4 Updated


Hey Everyone,

Here is Chapter 4 of Beauty’s Alluring Smile. Once again, it may be titled Chapter 4, but this installment is even further on in the drama and many more things have happened in between.

A quick summary:  Everyone notices that with KO working at Zhi Yi, taking up more of the workload, Hao Mei is more relaxed. When Hao Mei gets lazy, KO steps up and offers his services. Hao Mei then says he’ll do his part. He realizes that KO also has a lot of work to do. When they have a free afternoon, Hao Mei asks KO to go out to lunch with him. He tells KO he needs to try new dishes and learn from the cook. This shows the development of their friendship.

One afternoon, KO, Hao Mei and friends go out to eat, and their shared past is revealed. KO discovers that Hao Mei was his  gaming friend, and Hao Mei discovers that this was the male he ran away from. Subsequently, KO bugs Hao Mei about getting married in the game, which Hao Mei refuses.  And Laosan ends up deciding.

Read the scene here – Chapter 45: Let Me Be Your Sidekick

Watch the scenes here – Dramafever Love O2O (Episodes 22 and 24) – The show did a great job of adapting these scenes.

This chapter happens smack dab in the middle of those two scenes.



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