05. And I Love You So – Ken/Rainie

And I Love You So


My heart loved from the first moment we met.

You were handsome.

You were charming.

. . . . . . . .

You were interested in me.

How could I not fall a little bit in love?

When you saw me at the curb, you didn’t just drive by.

You stopped.

You encouraged me to be more than I had been up until that time.

You took my hand . . . and led me into a place of wonder.

It was a world where I was cared for.

Where I was someone to be cherished.

Where you would always be my protector.

I had to leave the world I knew.

I had to leave you.

You said the sweetest goodbye.

But it WAS goodbye.

I tried to learn how to live without you.

I tried.

But it was as if darkness had invaded my soul. It was as if I had forgotten to breathe. It was as if it was the end of the world.

It was as if I was turning into the queen of melodrama.

So, I came back.

I found you.

You were too busy to see me the first night.

Too busy flirting with the type of women you enjoyed.

Too busy drinking.

Too busy ignoring me.

But . . . the moment someone else took an interest . . . you noticed.

You came running.

I showed you your very moment.

You gave me mine.

After all this time . . . I’ve come so far.

We’ve come so far.

And yet . . .it’s as if we never moved.

There is love.

There will always be love.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

But I’ve stopped waiting for the day that it might lead to anything more.

You will be my life, as long as I live.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

But you can no longer be my entire life.


3 thoughts on “05. And I Love You So – Ken/Rainie

  1. Ive been finding a copy of this story for ages! Was so disappointed it got deleted on winglin! Am so glad i managed to discover your blog eventually! Thanks for writing this story and reposting it! 😀

  2. Thanks to my friend devil i found this site I’ve been looking this story in winglin for too long already so that i can print it coz I’ve been collecting stories for Ximen/Xiaoyou but unfortunately it can’t be locate already so to my surprise when i open this site damn I’m so glad! I already have you other story which is “Everything You Are” and I’m hoping that you could write again in winglin for XM/XY coz you’re such a great writer and i love your works, I’m pretty sure lots of us will support your story if ever there’s one..Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks =)

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