01. Everything You Are – Ken/Rainie


This was my first fan fic. I came into contact with the Meteor Garden world, and fell in love with F4, Shan Cai, and friends. One of the things that always bothered me was how they left the story of Xiao You and Ximen. It was as if we were primed for their happily ever after, and the storyteller just forgot to put in the climax. As you can see I’m obsessed with Ximen and Xiao you and I want to give them a happily ever after. Since we can’t see what happened to them, at least this way I can imagine each of the scenarios these writers place them in, and “see” their happy ending.

The characters will be the main cast of MG 1 & 2, and the story will start from the end of Meteor Rain (Ximen’s story), and then jump to the end of all the stuff that happens in Meteor Garden II. I’ve always thought that all the things that happen in the series happen over a very short period of time. Shan Cai meets the F4 in their last semester, and at the beginning of MGII they’re graduating. MG II takes place over the summer, and Ximen’s story in Meteor rain is but a moment in time between MG I and MG II. So, I want to start the story perhaps a month or two after MGII ends, and go from there.

I plan on throwing in a hint of “Betty la fea” and the Japanese manga Wallflower. (For those of you who don’t know it they are about an “ugly” girl, and a girl who likes being “ugly”, respectively). I would love any comments you can give me.

Disclaimer: I don’t own MG or HYD, so please don’t sue.


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