SaHil 3Shot – Dear Aahil


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dear aahil

Dear Aahil

Credits for pictures in this post and the story go to Flora212 from IF.

Hey all,

I’ve adapted my Dear Chun story for this lovely couple, re-writing it as Dear Aahil, making some minor changes.

Since this is my current obsession, I wanted to see how that story would look on this couple.

Hope you liked it.

darkice7_12 :)

IndiaForums Story Link: Dear Aahil

Eternally Yours, Chapter 1 Updated


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Eternally Yours II

Hi everybody,

I have posted “Chapter 1: Air” of Eternally Yours. Of course, this chapter is largely about the set up, so not a lot of action.

But let me know what you all think of it.

darkice7_12 :D

Eternally Yours, Prologue Updated


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Eternally Yours II

Eternally Yours

Hey everybody,

New Story posted. Prologue for Eternally Yours, a story based on Qubool Hai’s SaHil (Sanam and Aahil).

Like my previous fanfic on Maneet, the story takes away one element of the show and explores what happened to our characters without that element. In this case it will be Tanveer actually dying before she can rain havoc on our next generation.

Hope you like it.

darkice7_12 :)

Finally Found Ya, Epilogue Updated


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geetCredit for above picture goes to its uploader.

Hey everybody,

I have posted the Epilogue: Eternally Yours of Finally Found Ya.

The Epilogue is admittedly incredibly cheesy, I know, but this is what I envisioned for Maan and Geet from the beginning. Thank you all for sticking with the story despite the long time it took for us to get here.  As always, one last time, don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the chapter. Big smile

**I tried GIFs this time around, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to put them in the chapter, so I put links instead.



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