New Short Story – Dear Chun

Dear Chun

Dear Chun

Look in the “Fan Fiction” section under “Short Stories” – – > Dear Chun.

I got the urge to suddenly write this short story. This might or might not be the only part. I haven’t decided. I do have a glimmer of where I want this to go. It’s a bit stiff, I can see that. But let me know what you guys think. That is, if I have any readers. I haven’t seen any traffic or comments, so I guess there aren’t many people reading here. Well, if there are readers, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. And I’ll decide whether I’ll write a continuation based on the response.


3 thoughts on “New Short Story – Dear Chun

    • Hi,

      This is just the post telling you that I’ve added a story. For the actual story, if you look on the right side of my blog in the second column, you’ll find a section titled “Fan fic”. Underneath that, go all the way down to “Short Stories” and click on the actual title of the story, “Dear Chun”.

      Hope that helps.

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